Willem Alexander

Last week, three days before her 75th birthday, the Dutch Queen announced that she will abdicate the throne on Queen’s Day this year. From this day on, April 30th the Netherlands will be reigned by her son, Prince Willem-Alexander. For 33 years Queen Beatrix was on the throne. Now time has come that a new generation takes the throne.

From Prince Pils to Dutch King
Prince Willem-Alexander used to be known as a wild partying college student. However, in the last decades he underwent a remarkable transformation and became a serious and responsible man. Although he is, according to a representative survey of DVJ Insights, commissioned by RTL News, not the most popular member of the Royal Family (5,9%), 78.8% have faith in him as a king. The most popular member of the Royal Family remains according to this survey his wife, Maxima (49,5%).

Willem-Alexander will become the Dutch first king since Willem III who died in 1890. Because of this, there will be some changes. Instead of a king and a princess, we will get a king and a queen. According to the traditions, a ruling queen cannot proclaim her husband as king. But the opposite does apply to a king. Therefore, Prince Clause never stood much in the foreground. This will change. Maxima will be seen as a queen after April 30th.

A new king might mean changes to the monarchy. Not only changes in the currency, the stamps and even bread decorations/spreadables and the celebration of Queen’s Day which is a national holiday in the Netherlands, but in particular important changes in the monarchy. I don’t know that much about the Royal Family but by reading news about this family regularly I believe some things will change. It is not that easy to bring in new ideas at the age of 75 so I believe that a younger generation will come up with contemporary ideas. Moreover, I believe that Willem-Alexander will become a bit more informal and therefore, closer to the people.

If this change from Queen Beatrix to King Willem-Alexander will be beneficial and contribute to the stabilization of the political climate here, I do not know but I am curious about that and hope that this will improve. Time will tell…


Fairies cardsAt the start of a new year, I try to find a peaceful moment to draw cards and see what is likely to arise over the year. There are many different ways to draw cards. Usually, I use tarot cards or oracle cards. The main difference between those two cards is that tarot always consists of 78 cards, while the number of cards in an oracle deck can be different. Moreover, an oracle deck does not follow a structure like tarot does. However, both decks can be illustrated with beautiful artwork and can be used in similar ways; you can draw individual cards or lay a spread, like a past/present/future spread. Although the oracle cards often sound more magically because of their names (Fairies Oracle Cards, Goddess Oracle Cards, The Wisdom of Avelon Oracle Cards, Archangel Oracle Cards, etc.), there is no magic in these cards. The artwork brings the magic.

Personally, I prefer tarot for in-depth readings when difficult situations arise and oracle cards when I need a quick overview of the year to come or a quick answer to a particular question. People that often work with oracle, usually have more than one set of cards. Each set will be used for different circumstances or questions. I only have one set, the Fairies.

Reading oracle cards is not that difficult. All packs come with a small guidebook to help you make interpreting easier. The more you use the cards, the faster you can interpret by looking at the artwork. The interpretations that I have, sometimes differ from the interpretations from the guidebook. However, this is not a problem because your own interpretations are usually the best. The guidebook gives a general meaning of the card, but you can extend this meaning to whatever you believe this particular card says.

The guidebook of the Fairies oracle is written in a way that angels or fairies are watching over you and passing a message to you. I love the way it is written. Although the wonderful messages are powerful, it is still us to interpret the cards and get a deeper meaning out of it.

I already drew my cards for this year by using the past/present/future deck. By drawing the past card, I noticed how this card fits to my situation three months ago until now. When drawing cards I am still surprised by the truth. Drawing cards is not a prediction of what will happen, it is just a reflection of your inner world. Drawing cards makes you think deeper about the year to come or about a certain situation. It increases awareness. To me, it also stimulates me in reaching my dreams. The cards that I drew for this year make me believe that I made the right decisions last year and I am on the right way to reach my goals.


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We are already in the second week of a new year. Did you already check out your horoscope for this new year? Maybe on the internet, in your favorite magazine or in the newspaper? Although most of us probably read our horoscopes just for fun, there are people who wants a personal year horoscope. This horoscope is more reliable because of the data you need (date of birth, time of birth and place of birth). Based on these data, an astrologer can calculate the location of the sun, the moon and the planets at the time you were born. The year horoscope is made by calculating your birth horoscope first followed by comparing this to the current position of the planets.

However, a personal horoscope might be interesting, I believe it will be more accurate when doing it yourself, starting with the birth horoscope. There are many books about this subject, even books like Dummies books (Astrology for Dummies), so I believe we can all give it a try and learn more about it. Years ago I used a different kind of book which I took from the library shelf. I don’t remember the name of the book but I made it to calculate my birth horoscope myself.

Birth horoscope
A birth horoscope is a psychological personality analysis which provides information about your personality, your strengths and weaknesses. It provides insight in your character and the choices you make in life and the consequences hereof. You will receive information about many aspects of your life, such as relations, career and your future. The great thing of a birth horoscope is that this horoscope does not change. It is a horoscope that last for a lifetime and moreover, every birth horoscope is unique!

I don’t believe that the future is fixed. Predictions of horoscope readings that are performed by professional astrologers or by ourselves can be true to some extent. These horoscopes can give good insights in the choices and the difficulties that we can encounter. However, just like Tarot, it cannot predict the outcome. Our behavior, our actions, our decisions will lead us to the outcome.

A dreadful period

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KerstTwo weeks long enjoying the love of each other. We had vacation; the alarm clock was put aside; we enjoyed a brunch every day; did some cooking and had fun in whatever we did despite my school assignments. It was just great to be together and to spend more time together than usual. But unfortunately, this joyful period had to come to an end. That ending happened yesterday.

Gosh what did I felt sick and sad yesterday. It was like I wouldn’t see my boyfriend for some time. It was like I would be pulled away from him; that I had to fly to Munich again, like I did some years ago. I felt horrible; I felt like crying. Why did this special Christmas period had to come to an end?

Lonesome night
Last night was the most lonesome evenings I had since our vacation. My boyfriend started his dance classes again and so was gone for the evening. I was by myself but did not felt like doing anything. I just did not want to end that joyful vacation.

However, I can want what I want, but things won’t change. My vacation ended last night and today I was back at work again. It is incredible how fast a vacation goes by. It comes and goes. So I was looking forward to Christmas and so I am in a new year and Christmas is gone. I do not like winters but I do love the Christmas season. I don’t care how cold it is in the month December, I love it when it snows. This season warms everyone’s heart. People make time for each other and decorate the house in a Verwelkte kerststerway that you don’t want to leave the house. Sad enough this season has to end, to make place for another season, for another holiday. It is hard to break down the joyful Christmas tree and take away all the Christmas decorations and hide them for next Christmas. I don’t look forward to that and so our tree will stand here in beauty and pride until the municipal is picking up the Christmas tree. This tree will stand here one more week and then…..

Christmas will be really gone
After the Christmas tree is gone and all the Christmas decorations have been put away, our house will be empty and will remain for some time. The lovely Christmas time together has passed and we are busy working and studying, having less and less time for each other until the first tulips will bloom, the sun is coming out again and spring is around the corner. But until that time, I am wondering why can’t we just celebrate Christmas all winter long?

Live your life to the fullest!

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Poll results

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Mid December I placed a poll on my blog, asking what you are hoping to achieve this year. The results of this poll are as follows:
33% of the respondents will improve their lifestyle
33% of the respondents will make more time for friends and family
17% of the respondents will work on an important project
17% of the respondents will move houses